Grease Traps


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Ameri-Loo specializes in the maintenance of “remote” grease traps which are located inside the premises of many different establishments. With our “Portable Grease Vacuum” we are able to clean many traps that a standard pump truck is unable to reach. We are also often able to schedule our cleanings before or after normal business hours to meet our customers needs and eliminate any unnecessary disruptions during their normal course of business.

How Grease Traps Work 
Waste water from dishwashers, sinks, and floor drains contain various amounts of fats, oil, and grease, (FOG) which must be removed from the wastewater stream. This waste passes down drainpipes that lead to the grease trap. The grease trap’s job is to separate the water from the grease. As the water passes through the grease trap, fats, oils and grease float to the top. The water flows out through the outlet while the fat, oil, and grease is “trapped” inside the grease trap.

The Importance of Maintenance 
The pumping and cleaning out of a grease trap is a necessary part of maintenance. Whatever the interval of the cleaning may be, the quality of the cleaning will have a major effect on how the grease trap will perform. Most common grease trap odors are usually the result of improper or incomplete cleaning.
When a grease trap is properly maintained it will help prevent many unpleasant backups within the sewer system and help keep many unpleasant odors from entering your establishment.

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